A Little About Me

Welcome to The Bookish Hooker! Since I’ve been battling a lifelong addiction to book hoarding, I’m either reading a book, planning my next read or scouring the neighborhood for a local book sale. I’m fortunate to be married to a man who turns a blind eye to my random stacks of books throughout the house, which enables my current book hoarding tendencies.

If you’re looking for a spot to chat about books and check out book reviews, you’re in the right place. Mysteries, suspense, and thrillers are among my favorites and most read genre, so that’s what I’ll focus on here at Bookish Hooker. You’ll find an eclectic mix of oldies-but-goodies and upcoming releases, along with the occasional children’s mystery, as well.

If you have any questions regarding a post, be sure and leave a comment. All reviews are my own personal thoughts and are in no way influenced by the source of the book. I do at times receive advanced copies from publishers through venues such as NetGalley. I will always put information in the review letting you know if the book was given in exchange for an honest review or if I purchased it myself.

Thank you!

Contact: thebookishhooker@yahoo.com

2 thoughts on “A Little About Me

    1. Hi! Normally I would love to review a book, but unfortunately I really don’t read YA fantasy. It’s just not my cup of tea. You might try looking for blogs that are dedicated more towards that style of book. I try not to review books that aren’t in genres I normally read because I feel it hinders the review process.


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