My Review Method

Book reviews are my natural method for discussing my views on a novel I’ve read. Since everyone seems to do this differently, I’ll leave all the info here on how I review a book.

  • 5 star: I reserve this rating for books I just absolutely loved. I usually love books that give me a case of major feels. This could be anything from leaving me a sobbing mess or scaring the crap out of me. Sometimes, it’s just an overall sense of nostalgia that I connect with. Basically, it’s a book I would usually consider reading again, which I almost never do.
  • 4 star: These are books that I loved, but didn’t make me feel as much. They may have been a great book, but not one I would put on my favorites list.
  • 3 star: These are books that were just okay. I may have had a hard time working my way through to the end or they just had more issues with plots or characters than I was willing to overlook.
  • 2 star: I rarely give anything lower than a 3 star as I usually can find redeeming qualities in most everything I read. However, the occasional book will come along that just clearly sucks. This is them!
  • 1 star: Oh, lawd!! if you’re getting a 1 star it was a hot mess. I rarely give them, but it’s always for books I gave up on and just couldn’t finish.

As in my About page, this blog is not sponsored or affiliated with any company. Other than the occasional book I review for NetGalley, all books are purchased by myself or family members and given to me as gifts. I will always list the source if it’s an advanced copy I have received from NetGalley.