Rest You Merry by Charlotte MacLeod – Book Review

Rest You Merry by Charlotte MacLeod

Rest You Merry is a 2012 Mysterious Press publication. It was originally published by Doubleday in 1978.

Rating: 3 star

Source: Kindle version through Overdrive and local library

“Each December, the faculty of Balaclava Agricultural College goes wild with Christmas lights. The entire campus glitters with holiday decorations, save for one dark spot: the home of professor Peter Shandy. But after years of resisting the Illumination festival, Shandy snaps, installing a million-watt display of flashing lights and blaring music perfectly calculated to drive his neighbors mad. The horticulturalist flees town, planning to spend Christmas on a tramp steamer, but soon feels guilty about his prank and returns home to find his Christmas lights extinguished, and a dead librarian in his living room. Wishing to avoid a scandal, the school’s head asks Shandy to investigate the matter quietly. After all, Christmas is big business, and the town needs the cash infusion provided by the Illumination. As Peter Shandy will soon find, though, there is a dark side to even the whitest of white Christmases.” – Goodreads Continue reading “Rest You Merry by Charlotte MacLeod – Book Review”

British Crime Classics Challenge 2020


I’ve decided to take on a few challenges for 2020 to encourage myself to read more this year. I’ll update my progress and of course write reviews on the wonderful (hopefully) books that I’ll be reading.

The last challenge I want to share with you is the 2020 British Crime Classics challenge hosted by the wonderful blog The Book Decoder. The challenge is dedicated to the classic crime novels we love so much. Be sure and check out her blog for more info if you think this sounds like a challenge you’d like to join.